Classroom management – Digital style

By November 18, 2013 No Comments

While there are opinions on both sides of the fence on the ease of digital resources in the classroom, no one can argue that there are tools that can make classroom management easier.  Here are a few:

Too Noisy – This app is a noise level meter.  It’s very elementariesh in it’s set up, but would make a good visual for students.

Chart Keeper – This app allows the teacher to create multiple classes and create seating charts (touch and drag so you can have custom arrangements).  The teacher can also take notes and record information about each individual student.  

Random Name Selector – In the “old” days we would write kids’ names on popsicle sticks and randomly draw one out to call on a student, group students, or choose student helpers.  Well, not anymore!  Now, I can just touch the screen on Random Name Selector and some fun music plays while a new name is selected for me.  Again – pretty elementariesh (loving this new word).  

EducreationsThis app is an interactive whiteboard.  Teachers can record a screen cast and then send to students.  They could also mirror the iPad to a larger screen and be able to walk around while demonstrating something on their iPad.  

Kaizena – This is a website (not app) that works with Google Drive to allow you to record voice comments on Google Docs.  This short tutorial walks you through the first time of setting it up and using it to grade a paper.

Blendspace – Another website that has so many possibilities.  Teachers (and students, too!) can create lessons on this site, or access hundreds of lessons already created and shared.  One video I watched was on ratios (my fifth-grade daughter was sick last week when this was taught).  It contained a video of a teacher with a side-by-side screen tutorial.  It was short (around 5 minutes), thorough, and perfect for her age group.  It would have been perfectly appropriate for anywhere in grades 4-7, but there were lessons for every age group and subject matter.