Ed Apps: A little something for everyone

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Today’s post took me much longer than most.  I wanted to give one (hopefully, new) app that was content-specific.  Since I was limiting myself to just one per subject, I wanted it to be the best one.  That required more research and exploration than usual.  I hope everyone finds something new to try and use in the classroom.  As always, each underlined app is linked to the App Store for easy downloading.  Enjoy!


Special EducationSpeakAll: Especially beneficial for nonverbal children or students with autism

FACS – How to Cook Everything: This app contains recipes, basic kitchen tips, how-to techniques, and more.

Art – Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite: Digitally throw pottery on a wheel.  The app gives you tips as you create, and even let’s you fire the project.

Music – iWrite Music: Music notation editor with a practical and intuitive interface

Science –  Science Glossary: A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support science education

Language Learning (Spanish, ELL, Speech/Language) – BitsBoard: Flashcards, vocabulary, and curated lessons that are adaptive to meet individual student needs.

Photography – Snapseed: Intuitive photo-editing tools

Social Studies – Sphere: Gives the user a 360˚ view of places around the world

Math – Skill Builder Numeracy: Math fact practice.  Settings allow you to limit operations and number of problems in each set.

English/Language Arts (for Elementary)-  Grammar Jammers: A must-have for elementary classrooms.  Teaches grammar through songs, videos, and games.  Also great to use with Speech/Language.

English/Language Arts (Secondary) – iLetterz: Helps boost speed of thought, spelling, and vocabulary

Physical Educaiton – Virtual Trainer: Great for PE teachers to leave for a sub to do, but also good for general use.  There are over 250 exercises.  Students can creat and log their own routines, or choose from over 120 programs.

Ag Ed – LeafSnap: App for identifying flowers and leaves by snapping a picture.  Also contains a library of high-resolution images of plant life’

All: Book Creator Free: Great way for students of all ages to create iBooks from their iPads