What do you have to celebrate today?

So, this is Teacher Appreciation Week in the US.  I have been a teacher/administrator for 17 years.  What I celebrate most today is that I have felt appreciated more often than not in my career.  I have been blessed over the years with caring cards, phone calls, and impromptu conversations with parents who encourage, thank, and respect me as their child’s teacher.  I still have some of those notes tucked away somewhere.  As an elementary teacher, I got daily hugs, smiles, and homemade pictures from my students.  I have to say that I definitely felt less appreciated as a district-level administrators.  I didn’t get to work with kids directly anymore, and adults are typically less likely to give an impromptu hug (probably for the best most of the time) or handwritten sign that reads, “Mrs. M Rocks!”  But I did get some great “thank you” emails from teachers I worked with, or positive comments from school board members.  This is a profession that can seem thankless on certain days, but overall, I feel the love.  It’s great to have a week to honor teachers, but it’s better to feel honored all year long.