Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves (laughing/word choice edition)

By September 11, 2015 No Comments


What do you do when you have been out of town most of the week, and have a son wake up with the stomach flu Friday morning?  You come up with a lame fun topic for Five Friday Faves.

I am sitting at my table trying to catch up on work in between cleaning up my son’s most recent “sick” experience. (Oh, the joys of parenthood)  Did I mention that I may have, somehow, thrown my back out while on clean-up duty this morning?  (It absolutely has nothing to do with my age!!).  Anyway – my son just said “I think only old people chuckle.”  Keep in mind, it is not unusual for him to say random things…but this sparked my idea for today’s post. I am a generally happy person, and love to laugh.  And I strongly disagree with my little cutie, that people of all ages can chuckle.  So here are my five favorite words for laugh.  If you are a writing teacher, you can also see this as an example of using rich language in your writing (aka word choice).

  1. Chortle (this is my favorite because you can’t really say this word without giggling a bit – try it…)
  2. Chuckle – because it gave me my writing inspiration in the middle of a day without much to chuckle about (and yes, I just ended that sentence with a preposition. What can you expect, English teachers? I’m focused on word choice at the moment, not proper grammar).
  3. Guffaw – If you’ve never seen someone guffaw, then you haven’t lived happily enough.
  4. Snicker – a snicker is so different from a guffaw.  The term “laugh” doesn’t even come close to describing either.
  5. Giggle – This one doesn’t get points for originality, but it does for endearment.  I have a 12yo daughter and I still love listening to her and her friends when they get giggling.  You can’t listen to children giggling without smiling (well, I can’t anyway).

There you go.  While not very enlightening, I hope you found the post, at least mildly, entertaining.