This past summer I made the switch from public school educator to entrepreneur.  I get to use my years of experience as a classroom teacher and district-level curriculum director to impact schools around our country as an educational consultant and trainer.  I just returned (in the wee hours of the morning) from a work trip in Texas.  Though I am exhausted, I’m still glowing from the after-effects from getting to do what I love.   Here is why my career is so incredible:

  1. I believe in the power of education, and that all students can learn.  They deserve caring teachers who make learning applicable, relevant, and engaging.
  2. I get to work with teachers, students, technology integrationists, district-level administrators, and principals.  It’s fun to work with different stakeholders and make a positive impact on the organization as a whole.
  3. I constantly get to meet new people.  I meet people daily via LinkedIn, airplanes, and schools because of my work.
  4. I get to learn new things and share them with people to make their jobs easier and more exciting.  I am a lifelong learner.  Sharing what I’ve learned with others is more energizing than my favorite coffee.
  5. I get to work from home some of the time.  I have the two most amazing kids of my own.  Being an educational consultant and trainer takes me away from home on a regular basis, but when I am here, I get to be a full-time mom (well, mostly…) and enjoy my own children.  

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