Job-embedded Coaching

The best effective and sustainable professional learning is ongoing and job-embedded. I have offer one-on-one coaching with classroom teachers throughout a school year to lead them through transitioning from a more traditional classroom to student-driven teaching and learning. Similarly, I also provide coaching to building-level principals to fine-tune a vision for their schools, craft goals, write action steps, and implement schoolwide changes efficiently and effectively.

I also enjoy working with district technology and instructional coaches to help build capacity at the building and district level. I lead leadership teams through discovery sessions to dig into the procedures and protocols in place, or in need, at the building and district level. We can design a customized plan together to best meet the needs of your teachers and administrators.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

This is a cost-effective way to have me work with your faculty. We can schedule individual coaching sessions using a video conferencing site at times that are flexible and convenient for your faculty to participate. These sessions can be an extension to the face-to-face coaching, or all coaching can be achieved virtually. Let’s talk to explore the options.

Janelle McLaughlin, CEO and Principal Consultant

Janelle and her team have been instrumental in moving our school forward with adopting blended learning and internalizing exactly what it means to be a 21st century learner and teacher. Janelle and IES are educators at their core and have been able to empathize with and empower our teachers to grow professionally and take our instruction in a transformative direction.

Ben O’ConnorPrincipal, Pflugerville ISD

Working with Janelle was the true turning point in my education career. She enthusiastically poured into my teaching and helped me reflect on my everyday planning and teaching. Spending time planning and reflecting with her didn’t feel like work…it was fun! She does an amazing job of praising all she encounters and gently nudging them to push themselves even further. If you have the chance to work with her, jump on the opportunity!

Staci ThomisonElementary Technology Integration Specialist, Pfugerville ISD