Technology take-off

By December 6, 2011 No Comments

Wow…in the past two weeks I have done more technologically-speaking than in my last five years.  As a second-grade teacher, I never felt like I had extra time to “explore the world of technology”.  As a new curriculum director, however, I see the value of doing whatever I’m expecting the teachers in our corporation to be doing.  So, starting Nov. 21 I began this blog (my first!), opened a Twitter account (and actually use it!), set up a LiveBinder (who knew?!), began using Google Docs daily (what easy access!), and scanned my first QR code (so simple, and yet, so fun!).

My eight-year-old was just commenting last night how only six months ago, we were a one-computer house, and my husband and I had the most basic cell phones money can buy (actually, they were free with the plan).  Now, we each have smart phones, he has a laptop, and I have an iPad.  We started talking to her, then on how technology is changing the face of education.  It was fun trying to project what her education will look like in just a few short years.  The digital world is so quickly evolving that what I’m learning now (albeit slower than some of my more technologically-adventurous colleagues might be), could very realistically be out of date by next school year.

Technology pd is just a google search away.  We can read about it on Twitter, blogs, and other websites  We can watch it on YouTube, blogs, and webinars.  We can talk about it with colleagues through Twitter, Facebook, Face Time and Skype.  I am collaborating with educators around the world, whom I’ve only ever met through my Tweet Deck.  Who doesn’t have time for this?  I’m hooked…