Mr. Browne’s Precepts #2

By October 12, 2012 No Comments

Fortune favors the bold.   -Virgil

I’m going out of order and writing about this precept next because of what we are working through in our school district.  We have decided to implement 1:1 computing with our students in grades 5-12 next school year.  This is our planning year.  I am so thankful, as the curriculum director and co-chair of the 1:1 steering committee, to have a full year to prepare for the implementation.

Here is where the precept plays in.  We have heard so many times, “we need trained on that.”  But then, occasionally, we will discover something a teacher has learned/created/explored on their own.  These are the ones that will be favored.  They are being bold in their self-initiated online exploration, and they will have an easier time making the transition because of it.  There students will catch their excitement and jump in more readily, as well.  1:1 opens up a new way of teaching, and in turn, a new way of learning.  We will be teaching our students to direct their own learning, so we teachers who are comfortable doing the same.