Nothing that matters…

By January 30, 2013 No Comments

Ever had one of those days when the weather outside matches the storm within?  How about one of those weeks?  I’m beginning to think I’m having one of those years.  I have those beautiful Indian summer days when all seems right in the world.  Those glories seem to make the dreariness of the rain that much gloomier.  Why can one bad weather day make you forget seven of the best?

I started this blog over a year ago.  I rarely get motivated to post anything.

I created my Twitter account around the same time.  I’ve made even fewer tweets.  I’m following the right people.  I try to use the right hashtags.  Yet, I still haven’t connected the way I want to.   I feel like I have to have something profound to say in 140 characters, or else no one will want to read it.

I don’t really think in ‘profound’ most days.  I think in time chunks.  In the morning: get up, get ready, get my kids ready, take them to school, trying to add love to the beginning of their day.  During the day: researching grants, writing grants, reading professional literature, sharing information with colleagues, planning meetings, meeting with teachers, trying to add my part to our school district.  After school: pick up kids, help with homework, make supper, do disheslaundryvacuuminggrocerybuyingdancelessonspianolessonsbasketballpracticehorselessons, go to bed, trying to find a breath in my day.

‘Profound’ just doesn’t seem to come naturally in the ‘normal’ of it all.  It makes tweeting, updating my status, writing a new post hard, because if I think about it long enough I will decide that what I have to say doesn’t really matter.  


I wonder how many of our students feel that way.  Do we give them leeway to feel/think/experience ‘normal’?  Or do we always expect the ‘profound’?