Math App Monday

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I have been meeting with new teachers since school started to get to know them and offer my support.  I have been overwhelmingly impressed by the quality people we have hired for this year (eighteen new teachers to be exact!).  Last week I began making my rounds touching base with our second-year teachers (also very impressive).  One is a sixth-grade math teacher.  He asked me to look for an app or website that would give the students extra practice on their math facts.  I often download apps that people recommend with intentions of trying them out, only to have them sit, unused, on my iPad.  Well, this request gave me an excuse – and motivation – to play.  I soon deleted several, but in the process found a few that I really enjoyed.

Quick Math:

  • All operations, or a mix of the four
  • Four different levels
  • Easy to use
  • Fun
  • Race against yourself


  • Grades 3-5
  • Dinosaur Memory Game
  • Fun, easy to use, platform is a bit elementary in nature

My Math App:

  • Grades 1-4
  • Two levels (starter/advanced)
  • Practice all four operations
  • Easy to use
  • A little boring (but good for those with attention issues)

Touch Letters and Numbers:

  • PreK-1
  • Great for letter and number identification

Math Puppy:

  • K-2
  • Free version only offers subtraction practice
  • Fun, easy to use

Pearl Diver HD or Lobster Diver:

  • Grades 3-8
  • Practices math facts, fractions, and decimals

Counting Race:

  • PreK-1
  • Perfect for individual or group practice (up to four kids can “play” on the same iPad
  • Works on counting and basic addition facts

Please comment if you have other favorite math apps.

*Not all of these apps are free.