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We know that today’s youth learn in segments.  Short, concise, and engaging bits of information appeal to them more than the old lecture style of delivering information.  The media specialist in our district is a good friend of mine and I’m amazed at some of the VHS tapes that teachers are asking her to convert to DVD (most are 20+ years old!).  I would venture to say that there are more relevant videos (divided into shorter clips) available online to fit these educational needs.  I have looked into several to cut the list down to a manageable group.

  1. Learn 360 – Great site that includes K-12 multimedia educational resources.  This site also offers for a lot of personalization to meet your individual needs, and a place to curate resources you want to find in the future.
  2. neo K12  – A collection of free online puzzles, videos, games, lessons and quizzes.  This site is heavy in science, but does contain topics in other subject areas, as well.
  3. TED-ED – These videos are specifically designed to act as highly engaging and fun lessons.  You can sort by content and duration.
  4. Khan Academy – Great, reliable source for educational videos.  Mostly science and math, but covers some humanities, as well.
  5. YouTube EDU – This might be the most versatile.  I quickly found videos with poetry by Edgar Allan Poe, others regarding drawing, and another comparing Great Britain, England, and the United Kingdom.  This is a YouTube channel created just for education.

These are just a few, main, sites to check first when looking for a multimedia resource to use with your instruction.  There are many more listed here if you can’t find what you are looking for.