As I watched this YouTube video by Christ Betcher, my mind started jumping to all of the possible ways  to use Google Image Maps in different classrooms.


Here were my ideas:

  • Reading/English classes (any age) – Students can create a drawing (or insert a picture) containing main characters from the passage.  They could link each character to a Google doc that they have created with character traits and/or the character’s role in the story.
  • Social Studies – Same as above only using specific historical figures
  • Geography – Use a picture of a map and link websites to each region that gives specific information about that area.
  • Science – Use a diagram (i.e. cell with parts labeled).  Students would then link each label to either a Google Doc that they have created describing that part, or to a reliable website that gives more information.
  • Animal Science – Same as above, labeling different organs of an animal and the roles those organs play.
  • Anatomy and Physiology – Same idea using the human body
  • Art – Students create a collage of different artists’ works and link websites that give background information about the artist and/or that particular piece of art.

These were the ones that quickly came to mind.  Please comment and share how you could use Google Image Maps in your classroom.  I’m anxious to see ideas that I haven’t thought of.