To Follow or Not To Follow (not really the question)

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I joined Twitter in 2011 when I moved from teaching to district administration.  I did a lot of lurking in those early days.  I loved the fact that I could jump on Twitter for 15 minutes and get some great, targeted professional development from tweets and links to articles and blogs tweeted by my growing PLN.  I was very focused on using Twitter only for professional purposes.  I followed people who tweeted about education, and whose tweets seemed to align with my beliefs.  As I settled into my new role, I broadened my Twitterverse to include some great leaders outside of education, as well.

What I never did, however, was subscribe to a service that told me who I followed that didn’t follow me back, or who recently unfollowed me.  I choose who to follow based on their tweets, and their relevance to my interests and passions.  I get a little annoyed by people who say “I follow back.”  Or, who unfollow if someone doesn’t follow back. I get that not everyone is on Twitter for the same reason I am (which is why I am selective on who I follow.  I’m not on Twitter to just see how many followers I can get.  I’m there to grow and learn as a person and as a professional.  My hope is that those who follow me, learn with me, as well.


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