Five Friday Faves (Taking-Care-of-Me edition)

By August 28, 2015 No Comments


Last night I was sitting at the table with my family and said, “I need an idea for my Five Friday Faves post.”  My 9yo offered some suggestions that only a 9yo boy could think of.  I replied that I really wanted it to be education and/or leadership related.  My daughter then threw out some apps that she uses a lot at school that she likes.  I wasn’t really feeling it, but still didn’t have a good idea.

Then this morning I woke up at 5am (didn’t have to get up until 6:30-ugh), so after lying there a couple of minutes and realizing that there was no way I was getting back to sleep, I reached for my phone and pulled up the book I was currently reading.  At 6, my 9yo crept into my room, and seeing me away climbed into bed with me.  He’s a snuggler, and who knows how much longer that will last?  So, I basked in the cuddles, and then we got silly and laughed for the next half hour.  (Stick with me – these ramblings may have a point.)  Anyway – great start to the day, and happy drop-off for my two kids at school.  I drive home, still happy, and decide to read a bit more in the book while I enjoy my morning coffee (#2 on the list below).  I was reading Boyfriend Thief, which I realize sounds like a soon-to-be classic by that title.  I happen to enjoy YA novels, so don’t judge me by my book titles.  Great book, but soon I was crying.  Like, full-out sobbing at some points.  I have these moments.  I like to call them “down” days, but I know that the emotions are hormonal, but if any of you mentions to my husband that I admitted to that, I will delete this post and deny everything!  So, I read for an hour longer than I had originally allowed myself, crying through most of that, and then got this idea to write about the things that bring me small and big joys in life….totally education/leadership related, right?  But, that’s the benefit to writing the post.  I get to decide what I want to write about.  And today I want to write about happy stuff.  🙂

These five faves are things I do every day.

  1. Faith – I am a believer and follower of Christ.  I struggle with living the way He would want me to, and spending time with Him each day helps me stay focused.  Yes, I definitely still mess up.  Right now, I am using I daily Bible reading from IF:Equip to guide me.  It’s short which means I don’t have a good excuse for skipping it.
  2. Food – I like to eat.  But, dark chocolate and fresh coffee put a little smile on my face while I’m enjoying them each day.  I may, or may not, have already had both this morning already.  And I think that if you have cried for a long time, and you’re hormonal then chocolate is a perfectly acceptable mid-morning treat.  And when I eat fair trade chocolate, I feel even better about eating it.
  3. Fitness – I try to do some kind of workout every day.  I have an old Beach Body Turbo Sculpt DVD that I like for strength days and plan on doing that after I post this.  My favorite workouts this time of year, however, are either bike rides or walks outside.  They help me clear my mind and just appreciate the beauty of Indiana farmland (you might not understand that if you’ve never experienced it).
  4. Family – I am blessed with an amazing family.  My kids are hilarious and loving.  My 12yo daughter still wants/likes spending time with me!
  5. Friends – I’m also incredibly blessed by great friends.  Some I don’t get to talk to everyday, but I have my “go-to girls” that are there when I need them.

Oddly, I’m happy again.  Maybe it’s the chocolate (and not at all b/c I might be moody!!).  How do you take care of yourself?


P.S. I hope my English-teaching friends enjoyed my alliteration this morning.  I’m pretty proud of it.  🙂