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Five Friday Faves – Small things that bring me big joy

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This week has been crazy busy (seems like that is the case more than it should be), and that means that my Five Friday Faves topic didn’t get thought about until this morning.  I just dropped my two kids off at school.  My daughter is dropped off at the junior high first, and then my son and I usually have to wait in the drop off line at the elementary school for about ten minutes before they let him in.  This morning, he challenged me to a Thumb War during the wait.  *Let me just say that my reign as all-time champ is still firmly in place.*  That kid makes me laugh more than just about anyone, and it was during my drive away that this idea came to me for my post.  In the midst of life’s craziness, it’s usually the small things that matter most.  Here are my five favorite “small things” that give me BIG joy.

  1. When my kids call me beautiful.  My daughter is twelve, and fighting preteen attitude with a vengeance (fortunately she wins that battle more often than not).  My son is nine and scans the perimeter of his surroundings before giving me a kiss or hug.  At ages when my kids could be indifferent, the fact that they take the time to notice me and compliment me are huge.  Add to it, that they often tell me how pretty I am when I’m not feeling it so much.  Their compliments probably mean more to me than anyone else’s.
  2. Really good hugs.  I’m a hugger.  I may have mentioned this in other posts, and it remains so.  I value friends who give real hugs – not the obligatory “nice to see you” hugs, and definitely not the A-frame “polite” hugs – but real, squeeze-you-hard-because-you-are-important-to-me hugs.  Obviously, I don’t want hugs like that from strangers, or mere acquaintances.  That would just be awkward, and borderline obnoxious.
  3. Funny people.  Here’s the thing I’ve noticed…truly funny people are also very intelligent.  You have to be smart to have a quick wit.  People who I find most humorous, are also good friends.  We have to understand each other to understand the sense of humor we each possess.  So, it’s not just about the laughing, but about enjoying the company of the person making me laugh.  And I love to laugh as much as I love a good hug.
  4. Snail mail.  Seriously, this is a dying endearment.  Honestly, though, who doesn’t like getting a kind card or package in the mail?  Something about finding it on your doorstep, or in the mailbox makes it extra special.  It says that this person cared an extra bit to go to the effort of mailing me something.
  5. Good music.  I love to sing and dance.  Am I gifted in those areas? (Close friends and family will be chuckling at this point.)  No, I’m not.  My friend, Rena, and I often joke about why we haven’t been invited to the worship team at church.  Well, I was having a “down” day yesterday.  Anyone else get those?  (If not, keep that info to yourself.  I like to pretend that I’m normal most days.)  I kind of moped around all day.  I even tried coffee and chocolate.  Who am I kidding?  Coffee and chocolate are parts of my daily routine.  Anyway, it wasn’t until I finally worked out at 7pm last night with my buddy Shawn T on my Hip Hop Abs DVD (I’m guessing there is some more chuckling happening right now at that visual), that I actually started to feel better.  Why?  Because I got to dance to fun music and call it a workout.  I love to make up show tune-esque songs to my kids to make them laugh.  I often threaten to sing and dance around their friends if they don’t do what I tell them to do.  My family has been know to put in an old Jock Jams CD (remember those round shiny discs??) and have dance parties in the living room.  When I travel for work, I love listening to gorgeous piano music on when I get ready in my hotel room each morning.  Music just feeds my soul.

I could definitely make this list longer, but I wanted to focus more on feelings and less on events and things.  The five that made my list are on there because of the joy that comes with them (and most often, the people involved).  What brings you joy?