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My Beginnings as a Blogger

By November 19, 2015 2 Comments


Confession time:  I have always hated journaling.  I would attend some great workshop, or talk to some fantastic writer and be convinced of the joys and benefits of journaling regularly.  I’d open up a cute new notebook, determined to make it work this time.  And I’d quickly lose that drive.  It always seemed tedious and forced.  I could sit and read a good book for eight hours straight, but other than that, I am not a sit still kind of person.  I’m doing well to keep my kids’ photo albums up to date (and by that, I mean at least current within the last six months).

Then a few of years ago I attended the NCTE national conference in Chicago.  One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to (and, remember, I have never been an English teacher – still phenomenal!).  I came home determined and committed to more reflective practice.  And this blog was born.  I like it so much better than a cute new notebook. It’s easier, faster, and much more likely for me to maintain.  It has, however, morphed from what I had originally intended.  My previous school system went 1:1 with iPads for our 5-12 grades in 2013.  Being the curriculum director at the time (and seeing as how technology and instruction must be a seamless blend), I was chosen as one of those to spearhead this initiative.  It was mostly wonderful.  I am a tech geek convert.

As I was thinking through how to continue the professional development I began with the teachers for the move to 1:1, my blog seemed like a natural fit for one component.  So, I committed to blogging each week on digital resources.  I had fun discovering new things, or looking at old resources in a new way, and I got to share them with other educators.

Since moving on from that position, I find myself blogging more about leadership and other areas of education (which really was what it was supposed to be in the beginning – writing about things that inspired me).

And while you still won’t catch me journaling in a notebook, I’m enjoying discovering my inner-blogger.  I like to write in the same way I would converse with someone in person.  So, thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to connect.

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