How often do we allow our students to fail and see it as a good thing?  How often do we let ourselves have that same freedom?  It is through failed ideas, trials, and projects that we become stronger learners.  Our ideas are clarified. Our trials move to the next phase.  Our projects are improved.  So why does “failure” contain such a negative connotation?  How can we promote, and embrace a growth mindset to see that what Ed Catmull wrote is true? “Failure is a manifestation of learning and exploration.”

Personally, I want to keep learning every day.  Will I get it right on the first time, every time?  Of course not.  Will I be frustrated with myself at times because of this?  Probably.  But that’s not the end.  I’m going to explore and learn through my failures.  And hopefully, I can teach my own children to do the same.

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  • hotlunchtray says:

    I feel safe to try and fail when space is created for me; space from immediate consequences.

    The trick is to identify from what the learner needs some time/space from … And then isolate them from it.