Leadership in the Fast Lane

By April 21, 2016 No Comments



My dad is a car guy.  In his life, he has owned some pretty awesome cars.  He also instilled an appreciation for beautiful vehicles in me.  I recognize gorgeous cars of all varieties, but I am pretty partial to Camaros and Corvettes.  If anyone offers to give me a car of my choice, I’m picking one of those.  Oh, I know there are much more valuable vehicles, but I would still make the same choice.  

On my recent birthday, my fabulous husband surprised me by getting a stunning 2016 silver Camaro RS for the night.  Between us, I’m kind of glad no one was video taping my reaction.  There was some squealing and jumping around, and I’m pretty sure I just gave the neighbors a good laugh.  But I was beyond excited to drive that beast.  And it didn’t disappoint.

So, in honor of my love for fast cars, this post compares being a leader to driving a Camaro.

In both instances, you need to:

  • Be cautious and aware – So while I love muscle cars, luxury vehicles, and sports cars, I’m not the most free-spirited individual.  While driving my (I’m claiming it for the night, okay, give me that) Camaro, I was a little cautious, and very aware of my surroundings.  Leaders need to do the same.  When you are leading people, in any capacity, you need to be aware of those around you and any concerns they may be harboring.  Proceed cautiously, but confidently.
  • Take control – For those who know me well, you know I like to be in control.  I couldn’t wait to jump in that driver’s seat and see what that baby could do.  Leaders shouldn’t be afraid to take control.  They are in leadership positions for a reason, and it’s to lead.
  • Go fast – Some people may be disagreeing with me here.  Obviously, I didn’t go fast through our small town.  I waited until I was on the highway with no police cars in sight (ahem).  In leadership, there is a place for careful planning, and moving slowly, but leaders also need to know when it’s time to get moving and go fast.  
  • Have fun – My husband took some pictures of me while I was driving and I realized that I was smiling like a fool in all of them.  That’s because I was having fun.  I couldn’t have not smiled even if I tried.  Thankfully, I get to have a lot of fun in my job, as well.  I get to have fun leading others, but I also love working for/with leaders who are having fun.  Leaders need to know how to build relationships with their people.  Life will be better for everyone involved.
  • Take others along for the ride – When I had my Camaro, I got to drive my husband around on our date.  I picked up our kids the next day from a friend’s house and my parents’ house.  I got to share the fun of the car with others, and it made it better for me.  Leaders can’t lead by themselves.  Share the vision, and help others get on board with the vision.  And, just like I let my husband drive some, put others in leadership roles and enjoy the ride.