Moving from Idea to Action

By July 18, 2016 September 17th, 2018 No Comments

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All good leaders are full of great ideas. The key is knowing which ideas to develop and when. Some may never go beyond the idea phase.  Others may be able to be brought to fruition fairly easily. Others take study, strategizing, collaboration, and mindset shifts. Regardless of the idea and how it develops, all success revolves around the culture of the organization. It might be something that you pursue just for yourself. So, the organization is essentially you. You still have to have that “culture” established that allows you to step out in courage to make the change, or go for the new idea that’s forming.

Most of the time I work with organizations who have established the need for a change but need help carrying it out. Sometimes I’m involved in the strategizing, but I’m always part of the culture. How do we encourage all stakeholders to see the vision? How can we alleviate fears that almost always surround change? How can we ensure long-term sustainability? These are all aspects that I get to have a hand in, and are all major aspects of a growth mindset culture. 

What ideas are percolating in your mind? In your workplace? I’d love to hear about them.