SC Midlands Summit Sessions

I’m excited to be back at the SC Midlands Summit this year to present on Leadership, Blended Learning, and Change Management.  Below are the links to my sessions’ slide decks. As always, I value your feedback!

Leadership Lessons Anyone Can LearnAll educators are leaders! This session will be high-energy and interactive, exploring how to take top leadership practices and apply them to your role in education. We’ll focus on the visioning process and how to use it to drive your purpose. You’ll leave with ideas on how to effectively lead in AND from the classroom.

The Smorgasbord Menu of Google GoodnessAPPetizers – Get a taste of some incredible Chrome Apps. Main Course – After indulging on some APPetizers, tease your palate with some Extensions that are sure to fill you up. Dessert – Finish your Google feast with some sweet Add-ons that are calorie free!

Leading Change by Leading the Charge: This session is designed for school- and district-level leaders seeking to align the efforts of administrators, technology teams, and teachers around a unified vision for student-centered teaching and learning. Through a focus on planning more effective staff meetings, personalized professional development, and modeling a growth mindset, participants in this session will leave having developed the start of a roadmap for lasting change.

Blended Learning – Basics and BeyondCome explore blended learning strategies, tools, and resources to make your technology integration more personalized, engaging, and meaningful. We will dive into the Station Rotation Model and specific web applications that will make blended learning efficient and effective.