When my son first found out that I was writing a book, his response was, “You’re going to be so rich!”. After I got done laughing, I replied that I hoped I made enough money on book sales to take him and his sister out for a nice meal on occasion.

Ever since my first book was released in January of 2022, I’ve realized two things: I’m super passionate about what I wrote, AND I’m really bad at self-promotion. I pretty much knew both of those things before, so maybe I should say that these notions have just been more explicitly evident to me since then.

I remember explaining to my son that educators don’t write books to make money, but because we have a message to share with other learners that we strongly believe in. I’ve also had no problem sharing other people’s books with friends and colleagues that I think could benefit from reading it. So, why do I have such a hard time promoting mine? Something that I believed in so strongly that I sacrificed¬†hours and hours to create?

So here I am, being an advocate for myself and not feeling even a little weird about it.¬†Leadership at Every Level was written to break down silos between classrooms, buildings, and districts. It was written to equip every educator with practical tools to grow as leaders. As a result, the students we serve benefit, as well. Go grab your copy and let’s grow together!