Keynote For Your

Next Speaking Event.

I love sharing my passion for education and leadership as a way to kick-off conferences and get people excited about the opportunities in front of them every day.

I especially enjoy sharing my love for effective technology integration and relational leadership. Feel free to peruse my blog posts to find other areas of education that I love to share.

Being a speaker, consultant, and writer has given me the opportunity to work with some great people in the education community. I cannot accept every invitation that I receive, but I do give serious consideration to all invitations. If you are interested in having me speak at your school or conference or are interested in consulting services please contact me through the email link below.

I would enjoy the opportunity to continue the work with your faculty after the keynote to support ongoing professional development. Check out the pages on consulting and coaching to view those options.

Possible Keynote Topics
  • Leading In and From the Classroom
  • The Five Secrets to a Healthy Culture
  • The Future of Education is Now
  • The Power of Mindset
  • Leading Students in the Digital Age
  • What does Digital Transformation really mean?

Janelle is a dynamic speaker who encourages you to dig deeper and think about why. Why are we using that program/software/application? Why do we need that device? Why can't we change the status quo and revolutionize our educational practices? While she is a tech expert, her focus isn't on the latest and greatest piece of tech, but how we can use the tech we have to maximize our impact on students. She places sound educational practice above everything else and that is evident in her keynotes and presentations.

Miss Courtney Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

It was our pleasure to have Janelle McLaughlin deliver our keynote address at our We R Richmond eLearning Expo 6 conference. Janelle delivered an outstanding speech to kick-off our two-day event. She is passionate, visionary, and has a smooth style when presenting. Our attendees enjoyed her insights and stories into how to best be leaders in their walk of life. I would highly recommend Janelle as a speaker for any event, conference, or seminar.

Rob Tidrow, Chief Operations Officer, Richmond Community Schools